_ NHK WORLD「Zero Waste Life」番組出演


NHK WORLD「Zero Waste Life」番組出演

Designer Yuki Fujisawa will appear on the NHK WORLD’s “Zero Waste Life”. The program will cover her work on “NEW VINTAGE” which brings new life to unique vintage pieces through printing and dyeing techniques.


デザイナーの藤澤がNHK WORLDの番組「Zero Waste Life」に出演しました。ヴィンテージに箔や染めをあしらう一点物の衣服「NEW VINTAGE」の活動についてとても丁寧に取材していただいています。


NHK WORLD「Zero Waste Life」


[Old Clothes, New Shine]




NHK WORLD “Zero Waste Life”
[Meet people around Japan who strive for a life without waste under the traditional philosophy of “MOTTAINAI,” which values cherishing the things we have.]




In a Tokyo studio Fujisawa Yuki processes old clothing, giving it new life using dye or lace. She also uses the technique of hot stamping to apply gold or silver leaf, reinforcing damaged areas and making them shine. She says she loves the “memory” of old clothing, evoking a time, a place or a person. She enjoys speculating about who made it and the personality of its former owner. This comes through in her work, carrying those memories forward into the future.